Community Services

I am very interested in community services here in our MatSu Valley. I am a volunteer firefighter at the Butte Fire Station in Palmer. I really enjoy working with my neighbors in times of need. I also like to volunteer in a variety of other community activities such as serving on the Lazy Mountain community council board, working with the food bank at Christmas time to distribute food baskets, and also enjoy working on church projects for families that cannot afford the building costs. I enjoy my community church family at Manna Baptist Church in Palmer. I hope to be able to be there for you if you ever find yourselves in hard circumstances.

The pictures below are some of the things I have done. Enjoy your tour!

IMG_0085 This is a certificate showing that I am a licensed firefighter nationwide. I am licensed to go into houses and do fire rescue and attack

IMG_0669 Standing beside our new firetruck that had never even hauled water. Now I’m licensed to drive this truck.



IMG_0334 The fire station that I work at in the Butte

IMG_0113IMG_0077 IMG_1995

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