highly recommend hale construction & chimneys r us

within the process of selling my house, i had to have a considerable amount of improvements done in the middle of winter, the most bitter days; work inside and outside. david and his crew member took on the jobs at hand promptly and with diligence. david’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to codes and requirements is second to none in my experience. he comes up with top solutions to issues that often arise in older homes, and he is highly efficient in all aspects of time and resources. the work he does is outstanding, and impressed everyone involved in my transaction. hale construction proved to be very generous and patient when my buyer lost financing at the last minute. i appreciate how hale construction handled everything from time crunches to last minute glitches, arctic weather and arguments with inspectors of questionable reputation. he knows what he is talking about, and he always backs it up with current laws, codes, and the most practical approach. i highly recommend him for contractor work and chimney cleaning and repair; he is my go to person for any construction and chimney repair needs. thank you so much for many jobs well done, dave!IMG_2718







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